Supporting us from Canada

In prayer

We have been realizing again and again that prayer is powerful and valuable! It is a treasure for both the one who is praying and the one who is being prayed for. Time in prayer enriches both sides.

Thank you if you pray for us and through your prayer become part of our minstiry. You can read more specific prayer requests in our newsletter.

If you want to recieve the newsletter, write to:

Financial support

From the beginning on it was clear to us that we - when working with Liebenzell Mission - would need people who carry us and our work financially by supporting us. Frankly speaking, this is not always easy for us, but at the same time it is a huge encouragement to see people who joyfully support our work in the kingdom of God.

By supporting us financially, you free us up to focus on the people in the field and to be a blessing and encouragement to them. In this way, you become part of our work overseas and we as God’s big family can all be part of God’s mission together.

Therefore it is really important to us to keep you up to date on what is going on in our life and ministry.

Write a cheque, and put “Bachmann Ministry” on the memo line.
Mail cheque to: Liebenzell Mission of Canada; 12168 First Line, RR#1; Moffat, ON L0P 1J0

Go on Canada Helps
Choose “General Donations” and put “Bachmann Ministry” in the memo.

Monthly withdrawal:
Write to, or phone LMC at 519-822-9748 to request an automatic monthly bank account withdrawal form that we will send back to be completed and returned